10 Best Accent Chairs for Small Spaces in 2022

Accent chairs are intended to offer visual interest to your house while also providing additional seating. They may serve to pull a room together and infuse personality into any area.

How much space do you need for an accent chair

You may have overstuffed your living room with accent chairs before realizing how many were necessary. Allow for a spacing of 18 inches between the accent chair and coffee table. Anything less is suffocating and confining.

A 16-18 inch seat height is the common standard for accent chairs and most other types of seating.

How Tall Should an Accent Chair Be?

Is it OK to have only one accent chair

A second accent chair can wind up clumsily squeezed into a corner or far too near a coffee table if you have a limited area. In terms of aesthetics and usefulness, it isn’t ideal for you. If this is the case, a single chair rather than the typical two may be preferable.

accent chairs for small spaces

The rule of thumb is to typically have two accent chairs in a standard-sized room, though this can vary. It is also important to make sure that your chairs match your decor and that the print is not obnoxiously loud. The number of seats in other rooms in your home also matters, according to experts.

How Many Accent Chairs Should You Have in One Room?

Accent chairs for small spaces

Accent chairs are single-seat furniture items that contribute both form and function to a room. Whether a lounge chair, a recliner, or an armchair, they add essential extra seating to any room. They’re also known as occasional chairs, and they’re popular since they offer a unique focal point to a room’s design. When selecting these fantastic chairs for any area, keep comfort and de vibrant colors, and textured materials may be seen on certain accent chairs. In contrast, others may have unusual, eye-catching shapes. There are various accent chairs to choose from, whether your home décor style is modern or boho, farmhouse, or conventional. The following are the top ten best accent chairs for small spaces in 2022. 

1. Sauder Boulevard Café lounge chair

This stylish lounge chair has a leather-like padded seat and back for added comfort while you lay back and surf through your mobile or relax while watching the evening news. Its two armrests are embellished with wood arm caps for an added touch of sophisticated flair that will catch everyone’s attention.

2. Hofstetter 28.5” wide armchair

This armchair’s retro-inspired wood frame will go great with your current home decor. The chair’s subtle contouring is finished in walnut, making it a classic match to the five available fabrics’ vibrant colors and neutral tones for the cushioned seats and backs.

3. Duhome modern accent velvet chair

This accent chair combines conventional and classic design elements, suitable for use in a bedroom, cafe, living room, restaurant, patio, or any other space. It’s a large ergonomic chair created for comfort, durability, and flawless elegance.

4. Yaheetech accent chairs

This chair’s imitation leather upholstery provides a touch of luxury, while the carved back and integrated arms complete the contemporary-traditional design. Ideal for use in the living area, bedroom, guest room, cafés, and hotels.

5. Lemieux et Gie Savoie chair

This chair has a splayed wood base, a rounded back, and a curved seat that gives it a slipper look. The simple design would provide a finishing touch to any space in your house, and each item is made-to-order.

6. Pottery Barn Raylan leather armchair

This accent chair is solid wood, and the cushions are filled with a super-soft-down blend. It’s 32 inches tall by 27.5 inches broad and has adjustable levelers on the legs, so it won’t wobble if half of it is on the floor.

7. Yongqiang upholstered chair

This accent chair has a padded seat that is comfortable to sit on and measures just over 27 inches wide by 32 inches tall. The back of the chair is slightly reclined, making it appear to be a comfortable place to chill or read.

8. All Roads Shaina Petite accent chair

The checkered blue, white, and yellow fabric of the Shaina Accent Chair has a blue fringe around the seat’s edges and a wonderful design. Its armless form creates a more contemporary shape that takes up less room.

9. Pulaski wood frame faux leather accent chair

This accent chair is ideal for anybody wishing to brighten up a modest interior area. It is one of the most comfortable accent chairs available, and it is also reasonably priced.

10. Kingdom velvet high back accent chair

This accent chair is the best option for a high-back, armless chair with exceptional comfort and design. 


Things to consider when choosing an accent chair

An accent chair can provide drama and atmosphere to any room. It’s much more than simply a functional element. Its objective is to make an area stand out and provide decorative value. Here are some essential factors to consider when selecting accent chairs for small spaces.


Consider the type of inspiration you’re aiming for. You’ll probably discover that various solutions work nicely together to achieve a similar effect. Consider what you want your focal point to convey to your visitors if you want it to be a central focus. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, you’ll take a different path than if you want to go for a vintage look.

Think about your room and decide if you’d rather have a color that blends in to the existing color scheme (if so, choose a neutral shade or a color that appears a lot in the room) or have one that stands out as a focal piece (if so, choose a color that appears less often in the room if at all).

How to Choose The Perfect Accent Chair


When it comes to selecting a style, there are no hard and fast rules. To give a place an eclectic feel, mix things up. Choosing a striking profile will also assist an accent chair in fulfilling its function. However, this does not have to be excessive or flashy. A small object in the correct spot may say a lot. The combination of size and style might influence your decision.

Your living room furniture does not need to match; however, you can coordinate pieces to create a more put-together finish. Many people prefer to match focal points in their living space, such as the sofa and chairs, because of the polished look it gives.

Should All Living Room Furniture Match?


An accent chair should be the sole object in the room that takes center stage. It will harm its aim if it is placed in a busy area. It’s advisable to start by measuring the size where you wish to put it. There should be enough space all around it.

A 16-18 inch seat height is the common standard for accent chairs and most other types of seating. If you have a tray table or desk, there should be 12 inches of clearance from the seat to the tabletop to allow for a comfortable amount of legroom and and best accent chairs for small spaces

How Tall Should an Accent Chair Be?

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