11 Space-Saving Bed Alternatives for Studio Apartments

While studio apartments are the ideal place for a lot of people, we can’t deny that these small spaces are prone to appearing cramped. And when you choose to reside in a tiny place, one of the factors that you ought to consider is the sort of bed that you would want to have. Surely, you wouldn’t want to have your bed take up too much room in your apartment, right?

For instance, having beds with bed frames can end up making your studio apartment seem like a cramped space. To help you out with that, here are some bed alternatives studio apartment options that you may want to consider.

Is it ok to sleep without a mattress

bed alternatives studio apartment

Mattresses play an essential role in our everyday lives. They are what allow us to sleep well at night. Are they, however, the ideal method for us to sleep? More than that, is it conceivable that you have other choices than the mattress?

These exorbitantly priced recollection mattresses are movement stiflers. These bind you to a single position. Moreover, this prevents your body from changing naturally overnight.

The majority of individuals have aches and pains after rising due to not moving for many hours. You’ll develop microscopic muscles that grow over time by sleeping without a mattress. Also, you’re placing a lot of strain on your body. That’s like getting a nightly massage that leads to more powerful muscular structures for athletic excursions when combined with regular foam rolling.

Is it bad to sleep without a mattress?

Many people say that sleeping on the floor helps them get a better night’s sleep, improves their posture, and reduces their back pain. However, there is little evidence to suggest that sleeping on the floor is any better than opting for a medium firm mattress.
Is sleeping on the floor good for you? Benefits and side effects

What can you sleep on when you don’t have a bed

The following are some of the most excellent bed alternatives studio apartment options we’ve uncovered for you if you want to replace your standard mattress with something new.

  1. Loft bed

bed alternatives studio apartment - Loft bed

This bed is also raised off the ground, allowing for ample storage and other uses. It’s no surprise that loft beds, like bunk beds, have the same danger of toppling or tipping over. Nevertheless, for small spaces, this is one of the best space-saving options for your bed.

  1. Bed roll

bed alternatives studio apartment - Bed roll

This thinly coated mattress can be used as a cover for futon mats or as an additional layer for air mattresses. They’re often utilized on camping vacations or for laying out during large-group sleepovers. Because they are thin-layered, they are also simple to store.

  1. Hanging bed

It’s a one-of-a-kind, ultra-modern twist on raised beds. If you sleep at night, there will still be steps for you to ascend, but below there will be a smooth room for you to walk about.

Hanging bed for bed alternatives studio apartment
Image from Homedit

Can you put a hanging bed in an apartment?

In single-room apartments, a hanging bed can be extremely beneficial, especially if there isn’t enough space for a modest study. This idea will undoubtedly appeal to students, who will find it extremely handy in terms of reducing space in the classroom. The complete workplace fits beneath the bed in the compact space.

  1. Recliner

Recliner for bed alternatives studio apartment

Sleeping recliners, which resemble conventional chairs in appearance, are meant to lean back to provide a comfy bed. It will be an excellent purchase if you want contemporary furniture that can be swiftly turned into a sleeping area for your visitors. Recliners have a slightly slanted resting spot for heads, similar to a mattress that enables you to recline your back upwards using a remote control. 

  1. Futon mat

Futon mats are a great way to rest in a compact area. The mats can be rapidly rolled up and stored when not in use.

Futon mat for bed alternatives studio apartment

Pro-tip when selecting a futon mattress…

For the best futon experience, we recommend selecting an eight inch thick or above futon mattress.

  1. Drawer/trundle bed

Drawer bed alternative

A trundle bed, often known as a drawer bed, is ideal for a kid’s bedroom. It’s a bed inside a mattress. Once you’re ready to sleep, pull out the secondary bed below, which is somewhat more profound than the main bed.

  1. Moroccan-inspired floor cushions

Moroccan floor cushions are an excellent option if you want your bedroom to get an exotic feel. They’re available in a variety of color combinations and designs. They come in various sizes, the biggest of which can accommodate your whole body.

  1. Thai massage mat

This mat is similar to futon mats; although it is softer and identical to bedrolls, it is thicker. It’s the one you’ll usually find at Thai massage spas. They’re also known as shiatsu mats, and they’re beneficial for persons suffering from back discomfort since they give healing warmth.

  1. Hammock

As an alternative to a bed, a hammock may be used. It has several advantages in addition to being simple to set up. For one thing, you can pack everything up and repurpose the whole bedroom’s floor area. Then, you can draw it down for your evening nap at night.

  1. Day bed

A day bed is similar to a couch but more like a bed, and they both serve the same function. If you don’t want to sleep on a mattress that you have to put away every day, have a look at these options. This is ideal if you’re young and like sitting Indian-style or reclining on your side on the sofa.

  1. Air mattress

If you want to conserve space in your tiny bedroom or apartment while maintaining the comfort of a standard bed, an air mattress is a great option. If you don’t use it anymore, you may deflate it entirely and stow it away with ease, or you can reduce it halfway and keep it in your closet throughout the day.

Did you know that…

When you don’t have access to a bed, there are various options, including sleeping in chairs, on the floor, or in a sleeping bag. Other times, sleeping on the floor or in a hammock, as well as sleeping in a recliner, may appear difficult at first but might reduce back discomfort.

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