15 Colors That Complement Black to Use in Your Apartment

Few colors have the power to demand attention, like black, when it comes to utilizing color to make a statement. It’s not only versatile and complimentary with almost every color on the wheel, but it also has depth. Unlike white, which tends to damp bolder hues, even a smidgeon of black can instantly accentuate any tone it’s paired with. However, there’s more to this color than meets the eye.

Black can be on the warm or cool end of the spectrum, depending on the undertones. The colors that complement black are the ones that make it stand out, but there is some exceptions—navy or charcoal gray, for example. When pairing black with other colors, the key to making it work is to strike the right balance.

Please continue reading to learn about a few colors that complement black and how to use them in your house.

  1. Black and dusty rose

A gently tinted pink has a little more depth than any other neutral. Furthermore, pink tones serve to warm up the deeper tint. However, mixing black with any shade of pink may rapidly become complicated. Stay away from anything too saturated, like bright pink, unless you’re trying for a more over-the-top, maximalist aesthetic.

  1. Black and brown

Black and brown work together to create a somber, contemporary look. Mixing materials, such as a black leather sofa and brown wood accent tables, is the most excellent method to combine them. It allows you to create a textured, diverse atmosphere that appears organized and collected.

  1. Black and white

No matter how or where this design is implemented, pairing black with white is a surefire method to make a statement. A black accent wall is a fantastic place to start in an otherwise white space, and a built-in bookcase that serves as an accent wall is even better. To prevent a stark effect, filter in warm metallics and rich, natural fabrics like linen for extra visual appeal.

  1. Black and Navy blue

Because black and blue have a comparable intensity and effect when combined in an interior, it’s all about creating a somber atmosphere. With a blackout paint job that provides a sensation of infinite depth and a navy velvet sofa that adds charm and a little bit of texture to the mix, this mid-century mod living room gets it just right.

  1. Black and Light beige

Instead of glaring white, you might use a softer, creamy color to balance out the severity of a black backdrop rather than highlighting it. Using lighter browns that complement black, such as beige and tan, will make it stand out. To take the space to the next level, you may add accent items with a tactile component, such as a thick knit blanket or a sculptural nightstand.

  1. Black and Stone gray

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Introduce a succession of tonal grays to produce a subtle, rich finish if you’re trying for a monochromatic effect but don’t want to commit to an all-black area. Begin with three tones, the lightest for the walls and the darker two for the floor coverings and smaller accent items. Moreover, use metals like wrought iron or bronze for added texture and sparkle to keep things fresh.

  1. Black and Emerald green

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While you may want to embrace this combination with natural components like houseplants, taking it a step further with an eye-catching textile like the emerald green curtain works just as well. It’s a rich, classy, and stylish color scheme.

💡 Emerald, and the color Green in general, represent abundance, prosperity, and growth in all aspects of life, whether in nature, the business world, or within ourselves.

  1. Black and yellow

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If you want a little drama with a touch of sophistication, black walls and matching furnishings are the way to go. Then, add bright yellow accents for a pop of brightness that won’t go away. However, note that going too soft with a pastel or mustard yellow may cause these two to clash horribly. 

  1. Black and Red-orange

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This combination is as potent as they come, and integrating it into space might be scary. Allow white to serve as a buffer to soften the intensity of the red-orange and black. Follow the bedroom’s lead, where this trio is highlighted in equal measure, creating a wholly approachable and visually dynamic scheme.

  1. Black and purple

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The contrast between the two tones makes black and purple a complex combination to pull off. Set them against a neutral backdrop and designate them for different primary aspects of a space instead of overlaying them directly. 

  1. Copper and black

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Halloween conjures up images of black and orange, but black and copper are sheer glitz. A black ceiling in an eye-catching bathroom offers a grounded, homey atmosphere that balances the sparkle of a copper bathtub. A colorful pattern of black and white floor tile and a black side table tie it together.

  1. Gold and black

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Consider using gold-toned cabinet pulls or faucets in a black kitchen or designing a contemporary bathroom like this one, which combines a black vanity, stainless steel sink, shower plumbing fixtures, and framed mirror with gold onyx wall tiles, black.

💡 Gold is a luxurious color combination that always works. The style is light and airy, with sand-colored flooring stones and plenty of white.

  1. Pink and black

Retro bathroom tiles and 1950s boudoir bedrooms are made of black and pink, but it works just as well in a lighter-toned contemporary area. Pink ceramic big scale honeycomb tiles in a bathroom provide a joyful contrast to a dark black sink vanity, black flooring, and a black stone back shower wall.

  1. Red and black

Black and red are timeless color combinations rediscovered in home and fashion design every few years but never indeed go out of style. A contemporary kitchen boosts energy and attitude from red pendant lighting, leather kitchen island chairs, tiny appliances, and dish towels.

👉🏻 The ability to see red is inherited from an X-chromosome gene, according to researchers at the University of Arizona. Because women have two X chromosomes, the two copies of these genes aid in women’s perception of the red-orange spectrum.

  1. Teal and raven

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If you’re looking for a more vibrant alternative to dull colors like beige and gray, black is the way to go. Aim for a midcentury contemporary atmosphere in your décor by combining the deep, black tone with an intense teal.

👉🏻 In the retail industry, black is a popular color. In color psychology, the color black is associated with mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. Color meaning, on the other hand, can elicit emotions such as sadness and anger. Many clothing stores have used black in their logos.

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