4 Best Way To Hang Grow Lights In Apartment Room

4 Best Way To Hang Grow Lights In Apartment Room

You can hang pretty-looking grow lights to beautify your room. This is becoming one of the most popular home decor techniques that comes to you at a cost-effective price as well. Plus, you can hang grow lights to add more volume and space to your existing rooms. 

In this article, you will get a clear conceptual idea behind what these hanging grow-lights are. Then, you will be introduced to tips and techniques on the best way to hang grow lights in apartment room without making use of nails! As a first-timer at this, you may also want to get cues on how high these grow lights are to be hung. Let us look at each segmentation of this ‘Home Decor and Wellness Guide’ in detail.

💡Grow lights are more efficient. Light intensity increases photosynthesis, giving plants enough energy to grow. Grow lights vary in intensity and power output.

Concept and Idea behind hanging grow lights in apartment room

Now, are you wondering what hanging grow lights in apartment room is all about? Well, this is a beautiful home-decor technique that comes to you in a compact styled space. You can grow your indoor plants. 

These include Aloe Vera, Snake plant, ornamental indoor plants, spider plant, Areca Palm and a lot many. With minimal watering or maintenance, these plants grow well. At the same time, the plants need proper ventilation to grow or evolve. 

So, this is where interior home decorators suggest that you include LED lighting in the set-up. Plants grow and the lights glow. We tally up both of them to introduce a brand new concept in the world of interior decoration. This is what hanging grow-lights is all about. 

Factors that let you know how to hang grow lights

In order to hang grow-lights in a subtle and pretty way, there are a few main considerations you must keep in mind. Now, what is the best way to hang grow lights in apartment room? Here are a few guidelines so that we will get a clue on the same:

Uniform distribution of light

To help the plants grow evenly, you must allow the plant decorator or an interior home designer to have the lighting set up done in a precise manner. Beautiful LED lighting kits are available at retail establishments. While you also get grow-light hampers via online stores. However, the lighting setup must be done in such a way that all indoor plants that occupy the apartment’s room area receive a uniform dose of lighting. Even lighting can help the plants grow better. 

Dimensions of your grow room

You must also take the dimensions of the grow room into consideration. You can manually calculate the area or the perimeter width of the growing canopy area that is situated within your room’s premises. Again, do you have benches, aisles or racks that conveniently provide ample breathing space for potted indoor plants? Keeping them too close to each other can be suffocating for the indoor plants too. Hence, the racks, benches or aisles you choose for indoor plants must be spacious enough to ensure breathability and comfort for the plants. 

Work around a strategy or a plan

For your grow-light-plan to be a successful venture, you must have a strategy in place. You can chart out a grow-light-plan, as a matter of fact. You can discuss with your plant or interior design decorator how many grow light fixtures you may need to accommodate ample lighting for all the plants you plan to grow in. Henceforth, it becomes imperative that you get an estimate of a professional grow light plan before you start hanging lights for the room. 

How do you hang lights in a room without nails

There are quite a lot of ways by which you can hang lights in a room without using nails. Let us have a look into these techniques one by one:

Electrical set up

For a grow-light canopy, you may have to discuss with an electrician how to get the grow light plant installed over the ceiling area. You must make sure the lighting set up or the wiring does not touch the plants or indoor shrubs you have placed inside the room. LED lighting setup can be done in a subtle manner indeed. 

Makeshift ceiling floor

For a commercial indoor crop grower, you may use a make-shift ceiling floor. You can find trendy ones available in the online markets. You can also check into retail stores that deal with a similar type of ware. The make-shift ceiling floor can be installed across the ceiling of the peripheral area where you plan to keep your indoor plants. A make-shift ceiling also ensures that you place a uniform LED lighting system so that the indoor plants receive a sufficient amount of lighting throughout the day. 

Using adhesive clips

If you want to keep artificial grow-light plants, you can use adhesive clips instead of nails. You can get enough space to ensure proper LED lighting from the adhesive clipboards. A simple yet technical technique for those of you who love beautifying your room spaces.

By making use of curtain rods

Do you want to use an effective lighting system without touching the growth area or leaves of indoor plants? Well, then, this is a beautiful technique that is worth going in for. You can use adhesive clipboards and attach gigantic curtain rods. You can fit the electrical wiring through these rods. And, then, you can place indoor growing plants underneath the space or dimension you have created as a growing area. 

How high do I hang my grow lights

You may want to discover another best way to hang grow lights in apartment room! How do you think you can discover the feat? You must consider the appropriate height for hanging the grow lights. You must understand that the hang height is an important determinant while you plan a lighting system over the growing plants inside your room premises. 

High ceiling lights may not be a very conducive option as the light is absorbed by surrounding wall spaces and the higher-looking aisles. Again lower lighting may affect the overall growth of the plants. The luminous effect of lighting from an electrical wired system may cause the leaves to change colour or get wilted. Hence, you can allow a plant decorator to mitigate hot spots or edges while you determine the exact hang height for your grow light area. You must also make sure that the lighting beams uniformly across the perimeter where you have placed your indoor plants in. 

💡Grow lights aid photosynthesis. This helps them survive and even thrive in winter by making the short days more summerlike. Grow lights only work if their intensity meets each plant’s needs.


When you follow the practical steps or techniques as stated in this Home decor and Wellness guide on the best ways of hanging grow lights inside your apartment room, you can ensure an optimal grow-lighted plant area. It can beautify your living spaces, bedrooms, kitchen spaces, balconies and even your kid’s study room. 

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