6 Best Hanging Plants for Apartments and How to Hang Them

Greenery brightens up any place; thus, incorporating indoor hanging plants in apartments is a fantastic idea most people love to do. Plants have been found to help decrease stress and indoor air pollution. There’s also no denying that they make any place seem more intimate and welcoming, regardless of its size or appearance. Furthermore, having hanging plants infuses your area with living foliage and creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Not to mention that dogs like to gnaw on plants or little kids who love to collect every plant they see.

Best hanging plants for apartments

Assessing your environment and choosing a suitable plant is a beautiful way to begin if you want to live with healthy and beautiful houseplants. Here are some hanging plants you may use to decorate your apartment.

  1. Pothos

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Since pothos is incredibly tolerant, this resilient plant is ideal for beginners. It can last for weeks without moisture or sunlight and has a variety of vibrantly colored leaves that grow in bright environments. Pothos grows more in medium light, although they may still work in low light.

💡 Did you know that..

Pothos can climb by means of aerial roots, and wild or cultivated plants grown outdoors can reach enormous heights using tall trees as support.

  1. Boston fern

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Ferns have textured leaves which makes them an attractive plant. These plants require frequent light wetness and increased humidity obtained by placing them in a kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Spider plant

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Spider plants are popular because they have long, strappy foliage and curving stem with small plantlets on the tips that may be cut off to produce new young plants or kept on for charm.

  1. English ivy

English ivy looks lovely falling over the edges of a planter or hanging pot. It enjoys bright light but can tolerate low-light situations. Also, allow it to dry between waterings.

💡 Is it unsafe to touch English ivy?

Please do not come into contact with the plant’s oil. It’s your response to poison ivy. It’s an allergic reaction. You are exposed to it, and your body’s memory cells detect it.

  1. Heartleaf philodendron

Image from Ren Lenhof

This vining plant has brilliant, heart-shaped leaflets that attractively hang out of a hanging pot. They prefer mild to solid indirect light and are healthier in enclosed areas.

  1. Tillandsia

Image from Etsy

Tillandsia is often presented in a glass beaker and displayed in a prominent location in which you can appreciate its exquisite loveliness. Give it a lot of light and mist it from time to time.

How can I hang plants in my apartment without drilling 

Hanging plants in apartments is a great way to bring life into the space. The greenery flora not only illuminates your room but also transforms it in unique ways, which may add a touch of elegance to your area. If you’re not a handy type, there are many non-drilling alternatives to hanging plants. Check out this list of ways to hang plants in your apartment.

S hooks

S hooks are ideal for hanging plants from an angle, racks, or rail. If you already have a curtain pole or other type of wall attachment, all you need is a set of S hooks. They’re also quite economical and available in various hues and sizes.

Wall hanging planters

Wall hanging planters make hanging plants inside a breeze. It is a fantastic way to save space and append some color to your empty walls. Furthermore, these wall hanging planters are light, made of plastic, and have adhesive hooks that make hanging them a pleasure.

Clothes rack

Exploring beyond the box may sometimes lead to creative ideas. You might display all of your plants in one attractive area if you reuse an old clothes rack or purchase a new one. Moreover, having all of them in just one spot makes watering a lot simpler.

Adhesive wall 

A set of massive multi-purpose hooks has several applications that you’ll think what you’d do without them. They may be hung from various horizontal or vertical marble surfaces, metal, wood,  or glass surfaces. They can carry up to 22 pounds apiece, making them great plant hooks.

Suction hooks

When you reside in an apartment with those adorable skylights that open up into the sky, you’ve lucked out. Attach a suction hook or two to the slick glass surface of your windows, and you’ve surely discovered a whole new method to display your prized plants.

Over-the-door hooks

You’ve undoubtedly seen these rows of over-the-door hooks that are easily obtainable and may be used to hang plants from stairwell handrails or doors. Moreover, you can use this to hang plants in any door, whether it’s a door across rooms or a wardrobe door. They’re also ideal for making a plant display on the back of the door.

Wall mount air plant holders

These air planters are unique plant pots. You may use them to exhibit your air plant artistically on a ceiling or a vertical surface. Just use a 3M adhesive to attach the white silicon bottom with stainless hooks to the walls, and then position your air plants between the stainless steel wire hooks.

Magnetic hooks for metal surfaces

If you have a steel vent on your ceilings, you might want to hook your plants from it using solid magnetic hooks. These might also be hung from its bottom if you have a steel shelf. It is a terrific idea if your selected plant and its container weigh 22 pounds or less combined.

As you see, it just needs a little ingenuity and originality to create a stunning method to display your best plant items in even the smallest of apartments. Hope that this article gives you lots of green-living ideas and suggestions for hanging pot plants from a wall or ceiling without creating holes or harming the plaster.

We would love to hear your thoughts! Comment now and be inspired in decorating your small entryway here!😉

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