60 Bathroom Decor Ideas for Apartments

It’s difficult not to be discouraged when gazing at your apartment’s bathroom and imagining a way to redecorate it, especially when your bathroom has dull-colored paint, filthy grout, and light fixtures that don’t suit your preferences. This scenario makes you think that it would be fantastic if you could make a few tweaks, make some temporary modifications, and do a proper layout. However, you can actually do this without needing to have expensive or time-consuming changes. Moreover, if you focus on it, you can finish a complete remodel in just a weekend. 

Are you up for a bathroom makeover? Do not be anxious if you are unsure where to begin designing or what materials to utilize. This post will provide you with the best bathroom decor ideas for apartments that you will undoubtedly adore and use to transform your bathroom into something spectacular.

💡 According to LT Plumbing, you should update your bathroom every 7 to 10 years. This is based on the general lifespan of bathroom products as they can become damaged through wear and tear.

How do you decorate a bathroom in an apartment

If you have a small-space living situation, the bathroom tends to be the first area that you’d check. If you are thinking about designing it, a successful bathroom design requires making firm decisions about how the room works and flows to work with the limitations of the space. This entails considering factors, such as how to construct the shower for optimal comfort and productivity. 

Here are bathroom decor ideas for apartments that will make the most of every part of your space. You may mix and match these ideas to create a unique bathroom design. 

  1. Tiles for walls

If you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom, you’ve probably heard that tile is a good choice for the walls. Decorating bathroom walls with floor-to-ceiling marble or tile has become a popular design concept that is functional and visually appealing, making restrooms seem larger.

  1. Open plan

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You can guarantee that your bathroom matches your lifestyle by designing it with an open plan concept. You may leave it empty to let in as much light and air as possible via wrap-around panels or close it to keep undesired shower splashes out.

  1. Repurposed vanity

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Try upcycling classic or antique wooden furniture into a bathroom vanity by installing a basin and a waterproof surface. Aside from the unlimited color options, another advantage of reusing old furniture into vanities is increased storage.

  1. Under-sink space

Organizing beneath a bathroom sink provides ideal space for various items, including cosmetics, toiletries, prescriptions, and cleaning supplies. While this is fantastic, it also means that it may quickly devolve into a waste dump if not well structured.

  1. Tiny cupboards

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One of the bathroom decor ideas for apartments is to use tiny cupboards. This will allow you to put items like towels, hairdryers, and other daily amenities. You can also make the most of the limited space in your little restroom.

  1. Symmetry

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Symmetry is mainly to encourage space-saving and construction in your bathroom. If you leave an equal area on both ends of your vanities, the space will seem more visually attractive, and you’ll have more room for additional fixtures or decor.

  1. Chalkboard wall

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Decorate a single wall in a tiny bathroom with a new coat of chalkboard paint to create an artsy statement, which is a terrific bathroom idea and a fun way to pass the time while you’re at it.

  1. Pointed arches

Pointed arch entrances provide a gothic grandeur to an area seldom seen in modern dwellings. If you have a large bathroom, you might create extra privacy by adding a pointed arch doorway to divide the bathtub, showers, or lavatory from the rest of the place.

  1. Built-in ledge

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A built-in ledge is a half-height wall constructed into your shower that houses your most-used bathroom goods in a contemporary and functional fashion. This will serve as a style chance for showcasing decor items and accents. 

  1. Wood-clad inset nook

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A wood-clad inset nook could be one of the best bathroom decor ideas for apartments. You might add it above the large double sink in your vast bathroom. The scenery and natural daylight from the glass doors on the other side are reflected here. 

  1. Dark-colored wood

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Dark-colored wood in your bathroom offers a continuous impression and a warm, anchoring feature. The deeper color may help hide scuffs and stains, reducing the frequency with which upkeep is needed.

  1. Wet room

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One of the most fantastic bathroom decor ideas for apartments is a wetroom. It’s an excellent space-saving option that allows you to create a useful, practical, and usable room without the need for cumbersome fixtures.

  1. Wall-mounted sink

A wall-mounted sink is among the most popular and flexible bathroom sinks on the market today. It is essential to consider whether you are constructing a new layout or changing your sink.

  1. Plumbing fixtures

Once you install a plumbing fixture in your bathroom, it adds beauty and usefulness to the area. You can conserve water, cut monthly expenses, and raise the overall value of your property.

  1. Good lighting

The perfect lighting may add a luxurious touch to your wall shower niche. It offers an additional layer of illumination to a room that lacks natural light and creates a relaxing glow for evening showers.

  1. Dutch door

You may boost ventilation and light by installing a dutch door that leads to the outdoors. A dutch door may also assist in producing greater airflow by adding immediate individuality and historic appeal.

  1. Contemporary dividers

Don’t feel forced to commit to a particular style when decorating a bathroom. The bathroom’s soft, glossy ornamental accents offset the modern design features, such as patterned tiling and flowery wallpaper.

  1. Tile backsplash

Are you looking to improve your bathroom without going all out with a complete renovation? You may choose to install a tile backsplash in addition to updating your new worktops. The primary function of a backsplash is to serve as a decorative element. It shields the walls behind the sink against water damage done by splashing.

  1. Pass-through

A touch of lime green paint, which provides freshness without putting too much effort, may make a pass-through bathroom seem different. This might also offer you comfort and security in the future. A pass-through is one of the best bathroom decor ideas for apartments you can try.

  1. Jack and Jill

Bathroom essentials should be doubled up to reduce congestion and make sharing simpler. The biggest advantage of a Jack and Jill bathroom is seclusion. The perfect Jack and Jill bathroom ideas include a plan that divides the different elements of the bathroom, such as the shower, sink, and toilet. 

  1. Double shower

Showers with two heads enable two persons to get prepared for an event simultaneously. You don’t have to wait for your spouse to complete washing their hair before you can clean yours. Double showers have also been shown to reduce conflict and promote closeness in partnerships!

  1. Recessed fixtures

Recessed fixtures may be beautiful and practical for many reasons, whether you have a tiny bathroom or just a simple look or style. They are efficient at saving space while also providing a distinctive style element to your bathroom.

  1. Double-hung windows

One of the most significant advantages of installing double-hung windows in your bathroom is the increased circulation and control of airflow. It provides some fresh air while reducing your reliance on heating and cooling.

  1. Double niches

Why install one bathroom niche when you can install two? These provide a space-saving and clutter-free solution for storing your often used bathing products. Two niches could also make the design look more balanced than if there was only one shower niche. This is hard to do with just one.

  1. Wooden elements

Wooden accents in the bathroom provide warmth and depth. Despite the other aspects of the room, the delicate grain patterns in lumber give the bathroom a woody scent touch and appeal. Depending on whether the wood is correctly made and varnished, it will look great in the bathroom.

  1. All-around tiles

Using creative design finishes to increase the illusion of space in a restroom is often one of the best bathroom decor ideas for apartments. Flooring all surfaces in the same color is one method of creating an aesthetically contemporary bathroom.

  1. Awning windows

Awning windows let more air into an area since they swing open wide. As a result, they’re ideal for a bathroom or any other space that may use some fresh air. A sash window cannot be placed high on the wall; however, awning windows provide greater freedom in this region.

  1. Walk-in shower

Walk-in showers are roomy yet compact, attractive, and easily accessible. The stain and water-resistant tile make them simple to clean. Because the proportions of a tub do not limit them, walk-in showers provide more great room. This will enable you to construct a larger enclosure, turning your shower into a considerable retreat.

  1. Wall-hung toilet

The wall-mounted toilet is the bathroom that combines aesthetics, usefulness, and simplicity of upkeep. You may adjust the elevation of the wall-hung toilet to suit your requirements. It’s easy to understand why they’re regarded as a fantastic addition to modern bathroom decor.  

  1. Freestanding tub

Consider purchasing a freestanding tub to add some flare to your bathroom. They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you’ll find one that complements your bathroom’s décor. If you want to lift your bathtub off the floor, you may choose one with a platform.

  1. Unusual perspectives

If your bathroom has odd-shaped angles, make them a decorative element. You can do this by cladding the shower in matching tile and adding transparent bespoke glass shower doors for a more refined effect.

  1. Grand artwork

You can place a massive piece of art on your adjacent wall to offer the eye a resting place and provide color and vitality to the other bland area. So, wherever possible, use your extractor fan and leave the windows open to allow your artwork to be seen outside.

  1. Glass doors

Glass doors are among the best bathroom decor ideas for apartments that provide a smooth transition from the bath to the walk-in shower while allowing light from nearby windows to enliven the room. It also adds a feeling of transparency by allowing an unrestricted view.

  1. Black and white palette

Black and white are a terrific match since black absorbs light while white radiates it. Therefore, this mix is particularly effective in a bathroom color scheme. Moreover, both black and white work nicely in a realistic environment like a bathroom, where sharp edges and clean forms dominate.

  1. Floating shelves

Many floating shelves are flexible and readily adapted to your design and storage requirements, and they may be attached straight to the wall. They’re practical, fashionable, and aesthetically pleasing if done correctly.

  1. Railway design

In your railway design toilet, you can use a grayish tile in a herringbone pattern to provide dimension to the vast space and create a backsplash that extends to the floor. When going into or out of the shower, the railway design in your bathroom gives more support, comfort, and confidence.

  1. Shower baskets

If you would like to keep your area appearing clean and organized, using a basket to put tiny objects together in one convenient location is a fantastic small bathroom idea. However, you would have to build shower baskets to stay in place in the shower and not have to be uninstalled.

  1. Wide mirrors

Wide mirrors increase the feeling of space in a room while also changing the overall appearance. Mirrors can brighten and improve any bathroom, regardless of its size or design, particularly when properly placed.

  1. Fitted furniture

Fitted furniture is made to take up as little area of your bathroom as possible. It has efficient storage options and helps you maximize the open spaces. Although fitted furniture is often linked with modern settings, it is available in various styles, patterns, and colors. As a result, you can choose the best one for your bathroom based on your preferences.

  1. Shower curtains

A bright shower curtain can brighten up any space. When it comes to tiny bathroom decor ideas for apartments, decorating in your preferred style will compensate for the lack of surface. When not used, curtains may be fastened to one or both sides, taking up less space than a complete screen.

  1. Gallery walls

For worthwhile purposes, gallery walls are a décor trend that seems to stay. These compelling art exhibits are a terrific way to fill up a massive empty wall in your bathroom. The best part about gallery walls is how many alternatives there are.

  1. Modern sconces

Are you looking for a fashionable approach to making more space around your bathroom? Modern sconces are an excellent choice for a tiny bathroom. They’ll add a lot of backlighting without filling up much room on the table.

  1. Boho style

The excellent thing is that the boho style, which emphasizes textured fabrics, organic materials and forms, and rich colors, can be a very cost-effective approach to livening up your bathroom without spending a lot of money on repairs.

  1. Wallpapers

In your home, the bathroom is the best place to apply wallpaper. In a small space like the bathroom, you may be more daring with patterns and colors than you would in a more extensive area. Moreover, wallpapers, unlike paintings, maybe put up in as little as 24 hours, varying in the size of your bathroom.

  1. Shower plants

Shower plants help improve air quality, but they mostly absorb excess water and fight germs that may be lurking in your bathroom. They may also lift your spirits in the morning. These plants also do well in humid conditions to flourish in your bathroom.

  1. Bathroom trays

Bathroom trays aren’t necessary for a working bathroom, but they are beneficial. In fact, trays help you keep your vanities and products organized. Placing goods on a tray makes your countertop seem more excellent, more ordered, and adds to the aesthetic of your bathroom.

  1. Mixed materials

Mix elements in your bathroom decor to provide interest and prevent it from seeming too cold and empty. You may use a vertical shiplap to accentuate the height of the roof in your restroom.

  1. Ladders

The use of ladders in the bathroom has become more widespread. Using pristine white blankets with a wooden wreath on top, you can make an enticing towel rack and a pleasant viewpoint.

  1. Leaf-patterned wall

Consider a vivid leaf-patterned wall as a tiny bathroom option if you don’t even have enough space for flowers in your guest bathroom but want to bring a natural feeling to your area. This will add a touch of green to your site.

  1. Painted cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can keep your bath fresh and help you make the most of the space you have, even if it is restricted. Painting it would also make it much better. To add a pop of color to a tiny, minimalistic bathroom, paint your cabinets in a bold color.

  1. Shower chair

A small side chair gives rest and a surface area for bath storage in a tiny bathroom. It also makes you less likely to fall in a slick shower.

  1. Bathroom table

If you don’t have any available surface space surrounding your washstand, a tiny bathroom suggests using a modest, stacked side table to provide fast storage.

💡 The first flushing toilet was invented between 1500 and 1000 B.C. In Crete, people developed sophisticated underground sewage and drainage systems. Egyptians also included bathrooms and other plumbing fixtures in their tombs.

  1. Combined tub/Shower

You’re lacking out on a vital tiny bathroom concept if you’ve never considered placing your tub directly in your shower. You may select between a beautiful shower and a similarly soothing bath in the same little area.

  1. Cut-out shelves

Try tucking shelves into a cut-out if your toilet is so tiny that you’re straining to get around. If possible, you can keep your bathroom space without having to worry about hitting shelves that stick out of the wall. 

  1. Mosaic tiles

To make an art exhibition in your tiny bathroom, add mosaic tile to the surfaces around your tub or shower. Mosaic tiles are most often used in bathrooms to produce a patterned impression.

  1. Minimalist carpet

A minimalist carpet may transform a drab bathroom with limited space for paintings or hanging decorations. This small bathroom design adds a splash of color to your area while still allowing for wall-mounted storage if necessary.

  1. Swinging baskets

Using swinging baskets for bathroom storage can make the bathroom appear more enjoyable. Your walls will seem less cluttered, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of drilling or assembling a flat-packed shelf.

  1. Complementary rug

As one of the bathroom decor ideas for apartments, you may benefit from a stylish update even if you have a limited area. Although the white cabinets don’t clutter the room, a complimentary rug may give it a much-needed facelift.

  1. Hanging plants

An extra-long dangling plant naturally draws the eye, making a small area seem bigger. Many of the most extraordinary tiny bathroom design ideas use optical illusions.

  1. Sink skirt

Are you not fond of that wall-mounted sink with all the tubing exposed underneath it? A bright sink skirt is a simple aesthetic remedy. It could also provide you with some more secret storage and add a touch and warmth to the room.


A well-designed bathroom can help you meet your daily demands while also providing a peaceful environment to relax after a long day. Lighting design and incredible design features, for example, may help you create a calming ambiance and a spa-like experience right in your apartment.

However, most of us have a cramped restroom and are unfit for purpose. Fortunately, by adding any of these sixty bathroom decor ideas for apartments, your bathroom may have all the required features without feeling crowded.

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