Does Charcoal Absorb Moisture – A Natural Dehumidifier

You may experience an increase in humidity if your house isn’t aired properly. This might later create major health problems in your body. In such instances, all you’ll need is a high-quality dehumidifier to regulate your home’s humidity level.

Luckily, charcoal is an excellent odor and moisture absorber and natural air purifier. It may be used to eliminate odors in a variety of places, including the closet, refrigerator, bathroom, bedroom, gym bag, and shoes. It’s also found in beauty products. Moreover, charcoal bags are used to filter dust and poisons from the environment.

While there are different kinds of dehumidifiers on the market, you may still utilize active charcoal to decrease the moisture in your house. But how does charcoal absorb moisture? If you’re not familiar with active charcoal dehumidifiers, here’s how.

Is charcoal a good desiccant

Because of its vast number of small pores, activated charcoal is an excellent desiccant. It may absorb not just water, but also contaminants, pollutants, and bad odors. Moreover, it is used as a dehumidifier in the home and in medicine and agriculture.

Activated charcoal’s efficacy is influenced by a number of variables. The size and distribution of pores changes depending on the carbon source and production technique. Smaller organic molecules are absorbed more efficiently than larger ones. As the pH and temperature drop, adsorption increases. Contaminants are also eliminated more efficiently if they are in touch with activated charcoal for a longer period of time, hence filtering is affected by the flow rate through the charcoal.

Can normal charcoal absorb moisture

Normal charcoal, like the sort used in grills, is a popular option among DIYers all around the world. However, many people do not believe that this technique is successful.

As you would expect, there are a plethora of methods for using normal charcoal to absorb moisture and bad odors. One common method is to open a small bag of charcoal and put it inside your refrigerator. Another option is to put some charcoal in an aluminum pan and store them overnight in your refrigerator or somewhere else.

Furthermore, it is vital not to reuse normal charcoal in any of these ways since the food will absorb the odor of the charcoal, reversing the results. Others report that this method is effective, despite the potential for a mess when encountering charcoal. If you go this way, be sure the charcoal is natural and free of kerosene or other chemicals.

How to use charcoal as a dehumidifier

Now that you have the dehumidifier in your hand, you may go on to the following stage. You must locate the pot in your home with the highest humidity levels. Place the can in the proper location. For example, you may put it wherever you like in the closet, refrigerator, or bathroom. The active charcoal in the container absorbs excess moisture from the air.


One of the biggest causes of your clothing smelling in the closet is moisture. There are several causes of moisture, such as putting newly washed clothing in the closet without drying them entirely or storing sweaty items in the closet, among others. As you may be aware, the closet is usually overflowing with clothing, resulting in poor air circulation. As a result, putting wet items in the closet will cause mildew to develop and emit a foul odor.

The most efficient absorber for getting rid of stinky odors from your closet is activated charcoal. It also inhibits mold from growing in your closet.

  • Place a piece of activated charcoal inside your closet in a tiny ventilated container
  • The charcoal will absorb all of the closet’s musty odors. 
  • After a few weeks, you may expose the charcoal piece to sunlight to remove the odors it has absorbed.

You may reuse the same piece of charcoal for up to two years.


You’ve probably opened your fridge to find a bad odor, whether it’s chopped onions or leftovers. You’ve probably also tried dissolving it with baking soda. However, it seems that charcoal is more efficient in absorbing odors. Activated charcoal is made up of pure carbon, which absorbs practically all organic molecules and eliminates nearly all odorous compounds it meets from the air. It also has a lot of surface area for odors to “stick” too since it’s porous.

Moreover, activated charcoal is assured to operate as a fridge odor remover, and there’s no time restriction on how long it will keep your fridge smelling fresh—you’ll simply have to replace it with new charcoal when it begins to smell rotten again.  

  • Using newspaper and charcoal, you can absorb odors from the refrigerator.
  • About 12 charcoal from your grill should be smashed and distributed out on two trays. One goes into the refrigerator, while the other goes into the freezer. 
  • Then, crumple up the newspaper and stack it on the shelf. Then, close the doors.

A typical refrigerator can last up to 13 years, and even longer if properly maintained.


Controlling odors in the bathroom is something that many of us want to find, yet difficult to achieve. The bathroom is one of the areas of the home where we must maintain the highest level of cleanliness. As we all know, the toilet is a storehouse for numerous microorganisms, and as a result, it is a key transmitter of many illnesses that you may have contracted.

When you think about it, the bathroom is a fairly filthy location. Because of the nature of the bathroom, germs and microorganisms that create smells will be present. Moreover, controlling bathroom odors is important not just for the looks, but also for your reputation. We also know that the bathroom contains a variety of strange scents and pests. However, odors are difficult to detect and much more difficult to locate. 

💡 Activated charcoal isn’t going to be the cure-all for contaminants and bacteria in the bathroom, but we do believe that having a bamboo charcoal bathroom bag in your bathroom will help tremendously in absorbing an odor that is unendurable, unwelcoming, and utterly disgusting. If your goal is to eliminate odors in the bathroom, you’ll be astonished at how powerful activated charcoal products may be. 

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