How to Declutter Your Apartment and Stay Organized

Apartment clutter seems to be innocuous. However, many individuals feel anxious whenever they surround themselves with many kinds of stuff more than they can handle. This is why taking good care of your apartment and decluttering it is good to take excellent care of yourself. Learn how to declutter your apartment by using organizing ideas and decluttering techniques.

How do you organize a small cluttered apartment 

How To Declutter Your Apartment
Marie Kondo is the most famous person for decluttering. (Image from Federal Land, Inc)

One advantage of staying in an apartment is that the small size makes it simpler to manage. However, the smaller size may be challenging since flats quickly become congested and messy. Nevertheless, you can keep on top of your tiny dwelling with this decluttering strategy. Learn how to declutter your apartment.

  1. Plan a decluttering day

You must make arrangements daily; thus, cleaning and arranging your apartment should follow the same guidelines. If you don’t set a date on the calendar, you will put off decluttering, which in turn allows the clutter to develop.

  1. Purchase furniture that can also be used as storage

There are several multi-functional furniture alternatives available. Several pieces of furniture can open up and expose storage compartments, which are ideal for any additional objects in your home. You can read on essential furniture for your apartment here.

🤔 Why is multifunctional furniture important?

The more limited the living area, the more crucial it is to design and use rooms as efficiently as possible. Modern multi-purpose furniture makes use of every little space.

  1. Use pockets and hooks to hang items

Utilizing pockets and hooks that hang on the wall may provide you with additional storage space you wouldn’t usually have. Hanging objects from hooks and pockets also allow you to be creative to make your apartment beautiful.

How To Declutter Your Apartment - Hang items

  1. Get rid of defective and unused items

Getting rid of things is the most effective technique to declutter. Begin by searching for damaged, worn, outdated, or otherwise useless objects. Examine your whole apartment until you’ve managed to eliminate any identifiable unused or damaged stuff.

  1. Reduce visual clutter

The trick to designing a small area is to reduce visual clutter while increasing the living space. Make wise hues, size, and aesthetic choices to maintain your little area appearing tidy and uncluttered. 

💡What is visual clutter?

When we say visual clutter, we’re talking about all the items of multiple sizes, types, colors, label styles, etc. that we typically leave out on countertops, surfaces, and shelves. Even though we may need and use these items, too much visual clutter can make a space feel messy.
How to Refresh Your Home by Reducing Visual Clutter

  1. Make a plan

Increasing the amount of available area in your apartment to make it look neater doesn’t imply you have to eliminate all your mementos. Usage bins to store practical objects out of sight yet accessible for daily use or similar group things into a coherent arrangement that has an effect is certainly possible.

  1. Use it or throw it away 

People grow emotionally attached even in things they don’t already need. However, most of these objects are classics that offer no use other than to occupy space in your closet. This is why it is critical to consider things and their present worth. Maintain it if you utilize it. Keep it if you presently like it and can rationalize retaining it. However, if it was valuable to you but has fulfilled its function, it’s time to let it go.

How To Declutter Your Apartment - Throw away things

  1. Make use of vertical space

Vertical space is required to maximize the effectiveness of any management structure. Aim to eliminate stuff from shelves and surfaces to maximize your vertical space. For instance, use a cooktop to hold cookware in the cooking area. Check out our tips on how to organize your kitchen.

  1. Get ready to abandon unused clothing

Use a strategy like switching your clothing hangers around the pole or packing your old garments. If you’ve not taken it out of the box or turned the hanger back along by the end of the season, it’s best to let this go. Donate unwanted items or repurpose them for new use.

  1. Give new investments additional thought

Once you reside in a bustling city with fashionable shopping shops, it becomes a reflex to buy tiny good things at the time. Allow yourself to enjoy a product without buying it while you’re shopping. Be more observant while you’re out, and begin to enjoy window browsing as much as you do when purchasing.

💡Why is it so hard for me to get rid of stuff?

The objects you struggle to get rid of are likely tied to your self-worth, according to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Rather than viewing those objects as “mine,” you may think of them as “me.”
The Science Behind Why It’s So Hard to Get Rid of Clutter

How do I stop being overwhelmed when decluttering 

When you’re anxious or overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering, it’s typically because you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few excellent decluttering tips to help you prevent feeling overwhelmed:

  • Set objectives
    Determine what you want to accomplish with your decluttering.
  • Recruit some assistance
    Let your people who live within the apartment help you. A group may provide you with a lot of time and remove a lot of weight off your shoulders. 
  • Take your time 
    You are not required to do this entire task in just one day if it doesn’t work into your schedule. 
  • Participate in a challenge
    Possessing specific objectives and directions may alleviate a lot of stress throughout the decluttering organization and allow you to avoid feelings of overload and worry.
  • Alter your priorities
    Once you’ve begun to reduce the quantity of stuff in your house and life, the last idea you need to do is add more useless items into it.

💡 How is it that my home is always cluttered?

A cluttered room can be caused by a variety of things. It could indicate that you are overworked and don’t have time to clean up. could also be because of the excessive amount of items in your home, or it might be from small children who are rarely encouraged to clean up after themselves.

How do you start decluttering 

Decluttering your house may be a significant effort, something that often seems too intimidating even to undertake. However, like with many other things in life, the most challenging aspect is getting started. Here’s a step-by-step approach to getting started with decluttering your house.

  • Before you start decluttering, visualize how you want your place to appear
  • No new stuff should be brought into your house until the decluttering operation is done.
  • Once you begin decluttering, it’s critical to recognize that the procedure will take some time, so start preparing yourself.
  • Collect all of the resources you’ll need.
  • Construct a sorting system. You may devise your approach or utilize the well-known Three-Box Method.
  • Make a date for your decluttering activity.
  • Begin with the area that irritates you the most.
  • Whenever decluttering becomes difficult, use mantras to keep you occupied.
  • If you fear you won’t complete it, seek expert assistance.

💡Did you know that…

Decluttering reduces stress and anxiety. If you’re looking for an easy way to reduce stress, decluttering your environment may be a good place to start. Getting rid of excess stuff can benefit your mental health by making you feel calmer, happier, and more in control. A tidier space can make for a more relaxed mind.
Mental Health Benefits of Decluttering

What you should avoid when decluttering

Constantly work with, instead of against, your likes, interests, and dispositions. The smoother the approach, the less you ought to push things to function. Here are seven things you should avoid doing while decluttering your apartment.

  • Taking more than you can handle
    Divide your decluttering process into manageable initiatives.
  • Failure to set a goal
    Having a purpose or a cause for decluttering is a great approach to stay motivated to declutter.
  • Failure to complete the task – Going over your belongings and determining what to retain and discard is a beautiful experience. But don’t overlook to complete the job before wrapping off your decluttering session.
  • Decluttering even when you’re not in the condition to do so
    When you attempt to declutter when you are not in the mood, it typically results in an unpleasant, disappointing, and ineffective decluttering session.
  • Focusing on what you should throw away
    Instead of focusing on what you’re disposing of, concentrate on what you’re retaining.
  • Arranging before decluttering
    Clutter is still cluttered, and it will cause stress to your life even if it is organized.
  • Striving for perfection
    When decluttering, it’s critical to set realistic goals for yourself and your apartment.

Begin with a strategy that divides the work into manageable portions. To establish an effective and orderly environment, eliminate stuff you no longer want, add some clever cabinets, and utilize patterns selectively. Applaud yourself on your accomplishments, and you’ll indeed have a neater, cleaner, and easier-to-maintain apartment.

Do you love decluttering? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 😉

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