How to Get Rid of Cooking Smells in a Small Apartment

The smell of cooking lingers in the kitchen, particularly around the stove and even on the dishtowels. A part of the problem is that your apartment lacks an exhaust fan to remove the odors from the air. Another problem is that you can’t take the required precautions when preparing something particularly pungent to cook. To prevent it from happening in your home, you should learn how to get rid of cooking smells in a small apartment.

8 Ways to eliminate those kitchen odors

  1. Put some plants

Plants are suitable for removing odors and beautifying places. Plants provide various benefits, including oxygen production, removing pollutants from the air, improved air quality, and aesthetic value to a space. Furthermore, houseplants are also a cost-effective solution to conceal cooking scents and other unpleasant odors in the home. Plants that help reduce odor include jasmine, annual geraniums, and gardenias.

💡 Did you know that…

Essential oil is produced by less than 1% of the plant species population. Diffusing essential oils can really boost the amount of oxygen in the air in a room. One lemon contains five drops of lemon essential oil. The word “aromatherapy” was not coined until the twentieth century.

  1. Use an essential oils diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser is another term for an essential oil diffuser. It emits essential oils into the air, infusing the space with a pleasant perfume. Dispersing essential oils in a diffuser is a natural and straightforward solution to room sprays, artificial deodorizers, plugins, and scented candles. Pure essential oils are a non-toxic, safe, and effective way to scent your home. It’s perfect for getting rid of cooking odors in the house.

  1. Ensure ventilation

Odors only appear when you allow them to stay inside your home. So, once you start working, make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated. There are many ways to ensure ventilation. Use the vent/kitchen hood on top of your stove if you have one. Opening the window also allows fresh air to circulate while letting stale air exit the kitchen. You could also promote airflow with an electric fan.

  1. Use an air purifier

If you’re thinking of how to get rid of cooking smells in a small apartment, let an air purifier assist you! Even after making your food, the smell of food items like seafood, curry, and garlic lingers. You must invest in a high-quality kitchen odor removal gadget to keep the stench at bay in such situations.

💡 Did you know that…

Lewis P. Haslett invented the first air-purifying device and got a patent for it in 1848. John Stenhouse employed charcoal filters as an air purifier in the 1850s.

  1. Light a candle before you begin working

It can be aggravating to walk into a house and be greeted with a cloud of foul odor. If others accompany you, this might soon become an embarrassing situation. As annoying as it is, this could happen if you cook frequently or have pets. It would be best if you first tried an air freshener, although most of them are either ineffective or have a robust sickening scent. They can make things worse, especially for people who are allergic to odors.

You may have considered using scented candles as a solution if you are unsure which natural strategy will help you deal with the odor problem. Candles are typically made of wax, essential oils, and a wick. Wax is absorbed by the wick and carried up to the flame by a capillary, allowing it to burn. The wax comprises hydrocarbons (negative ions) that emit carbon dioxide, water vapor, heat, and light when lit.

  1. Open your windows and use your range hood

You can get rid of odors by blowing them towards the outdoors. If your stove is equipped with a vent, use it. Alternatively, a dehumidifier or an air filter might assist in removing the stench.

Before cooking, open a window to allow air circulation, especially if a fan points out the window. If you failed to open the window earlier, now is the time to do it. Even a tiny opening will help.

  1. Clean up right away

Wipe splatters off the stove and the counter, and immediately wash all dirty cooking pans. It’s preferable to deal with a pan full of rancid oil that night rather than allowing the odor to spread overnight. Remember to clean the drain of any leftover food particles, run the garbage disposal, and get rid of the trash!

  1. Use white vinegar for cleaning

Put a few tiny basins of white distilled vinegar about your kitchen when there are still odors that appear to linger after you’ve cleaned up everything. Vinegar has the power to remove smells.

You can use simmering white vinegar to remove a persistent odor in the kitchen.

This method is prompt and effective. Spritz with white vinegar if the odor is stuck to your clothes or cabinets. If you can’t obtain vinegar, use bowls of baking soda or coffee grounds to remove the smell from the air.

💡 All-natural cleaning tip:

Boiling a solution of one-fourth cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water and inside the microwave will help clean and deodorize your microwave. The moisture from the boiling solution will loosen the splattered food and make it much easier to remove with a soft cloth or sponge.
How to Use Vinegar for Cleaning Around Your Home

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