5 Ways How to Hang Curtains in Rental Apartment

There are so many challenges when it comes to renting a place. You would want to decorate your flat to your liking and make it seem like home, but certain constraints and limitations can make this difficult. One of the most aggravating aspects of renting is not being able to hang curtains or artworks since you can’t drill holes in the walls.

But don’t be discouraged; you may still hang curtains in a small space. You can hang curtains without destroying your walls using simple and inexpensive methods. Save your security deposit by learning How to hang curtains in a rental apartment.

Can you install curtains in a rental apartment

how to hang curtains in rental apartment
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Yes, you definitely can. Curtains are a must-have in any apartment. If your apartment lacks curtains, you can request them from your landlord. Curtains are vital because they keep dust out of your rooms. Air containing dust and dirt enters your home when your windows or doors are open. For that, curtains aid in the collection of dust.

How can I hang my curtains in my apartment without drilling

It’s always exciting to move to a new area and begin decorating it. However, if you’re renting, you’ll want to pay attention to the walls. and asking how to hang curtains in rental apartment You can easily repair a few nail holes, but you’ll need to think about other options if you want to surround your windows using curtains without drilling. 

There are a few non-drilling options for hanging curtains in a rental flat, believe it or not. You can have the decor you desire while keeping the walls protected with magnets, command hooks, and curtain tiebacks. Aside from those, the following are some of the other options that you may opt to try:

  1. Renter friendly curtain rod – tension rod

Are you looking for ways how to hang curtains in a rental apartment without a drill? Well, using a tension rod is the most common (and easiest) way to avoid wall damage. They function similarly to shower curtain rods in that they grow to whatever width you require and then remain in place.

This no-drill curtain rod tucks neatly into windows and makes hanging curtains a breeze. The main disadvantage is that the curtains will partially obscure the window, so try hanging only one curtain or using tiebacks to push them out a little.

  1. Invest in a magnetic curtain rod

If you want to avoid drilling when hanging a curtain over a window on a metal door, you could use a magnetic curtain rod. The temporary curtain rod will adhere to the door, allowing you to open and close your drapes without fear of them falling. When it’s ready to move, simply remove the rod from the door, and you’re done!

  1. Use a stick on

how to hang curtains in rental apartment - use a stick on
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Are you looking for a way to hang curtains without using nails or screws while maintaining a conventional drapery look? Look for a curtain rod that you can attach on.

A stick-on curtain rod allows you to hang curtains without damaging the walls and sacrificing the aesthetic you want. Unlike many other temporary curtain rods, this one allows you to suspend the rod as high as you want it and extend it as far as you want on either side of the window.

  1. Temporary command hooks

Like stick-on curtain rods, Command hooks are another option for hanging curtains without drilling into the wall. Indeed, some are made particularly for this purpose.

Simply hang a hook on either side of the window and pop a rod through it, and you’re done! If you plan on opening and closing the curtains frequently, you’ll want to bind the rod to the hooks in some way (string could work) so it doesn’t slip about.

  1. Fit and twist

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Another wonderful option for customers who want to hang curtains without holes is twist and fit curtain rods. The removable curtain rod functions similarly to a tension rod. Still, it has decorative ends that protrude from the window, allowing you to attach a real curtain rod to them, allowing the curtains to hang in front of the window rather than behind it.

  1. Consider using a privacy screen

This privacy screen works as curtains without the need to hang them, making it ideal for bathrooms or smaller kitchen windows. You’ll need to know a little about woodworking (or ask the help of someone who is), but once you’ve measured correctly and built the panel, the screen will just pop into place, with no need for fasteners (or wall holes).

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