10 Tips in Organizing Small Apartment Kitchens

Keeping your kitchen organized is essential but a small apartment kitchen organization poses many challenges. With only a few feet of space, the area can quickly become cluttered and can end up a mess to work in. Keeping a small kitchen organized can be easy. You only need the right tools and a few best practices. Learn how to manage your small apartment kitchen organization by finding smart storage, keeping it simple with color choices, grouping similar items together, utilizing the available space, storing frequently used items in convenient locations, decluttering cabinets and drawers, and organizing stovetop and oven space.

These tips will help you maximize counter and cabinet space and store frequently used items within reach. Doing so will make any small apartment kitchen appear less cluttered, and cooking will be more enjoyable.

  1. Shelf risers

A shelf riser provides you with an affordable and effective way to create more storage space in a small apartment kitchen area. They save you valuable floor space while making sure your most used kitchen items are within reach. As a result, kitchens no longer have to be cluttered with rarely used appliances! Moreover, they take up little space and are easily stored under the kitchen sink or another storage area when not in use 😉!

The proper shelf risers can make all the difference in your small kitchen. They provide valuable space for storing tall, bulky items like cereal and pasta to create a more organized pantry with less effort. These are perfect for any apartment kitchen with limited storage space while still providing plenty of room to expand as needed. Larger kitchens also benefit from using this sturdy yet stylish storage system, allowing an efficient arrangement of your pantry and maximizing available storage space.

Shelf risers are trendier than standard kitchen shelves for many reasons. For example, they provide easier access—no bending over to retrieve items from the back. There is some much-needed space between different shelf levels—which also means there’s more room in between the shelves themselves. They help declutter small apartments––which sounds counterintuitive and would seem like a no-brainer until you start trying to organize the small spaces of your apartment.

Most kitchens don’t have many built-in storage options aside from shelving. Consider adding shelf risers whenever you can, rather than waste precious counter space with a bulky kitchen cart. They’re a space-saving and stylish alternative to buying a whole new set of shelving or a cart, and they take about five minutes to install.

Shelf risers are the unsung hero of kitchen organization, making it possible to create extra storage space in undesignated areas. On top of being inexpensive and easy to install, they can be added to closet shelves or under counters and exposed to open air in a pantry or cupboard. Shelf risers are a versatile choice.

What are benefits of pantry?
Reduces waste
: You won’t have to throw out expired goods, because you’ll use them before they go bad. Saves time: When you make a grocery list, you can easily see what you really need to purchase at the store as well as find ingredients to cook with.

  1. Hooks

This simple idea can help maximize space in the most-used rooms. The wall-mountable hooks allow shelves to be placed at an ideal height for cooking 😎. Refrigerator items can be displayed in an area that is easy to see, and things that aren’t often used can be stored in a kitchen section not easily accessible by children or pets. The slim profile does not take up valuable floor space and helps keep essential items at eye level.

Above any other organization solution, hooks are the quick and easy way to store your pans or pots in your kitchen. With minimal counter space, keep your counters clear with hooks to hold items in a neat and decorative way. They’ll save you space and reduce clutter, giving you a better overall look. Plus, hooks are perfect for so much more than just pots and pans.

  1. Space above cabinets

Use the top of your cabinets to store everyday items such as coffee mugs, cookbooks, wine glasses, and utensils and get easy access to dishes, pans, utensils—even spices—without having to open drawers. Caddies of different sizes provide plenty of storage space for kitchen knick-knacks and the space is also ideal for dishes, pots, pans, and appliances.

By saving this space for frequently used items, you can keep your counters clear, and you’ll always have the things you need on hand.

  1. Refrigerator side

A narrow cabinet helps you store products by the side of the refrigerator for easier reach. Not only does it keep your kitchen from crowding but also minimizes clutter.

Created for small apartment kitchens, the refrigerator side for narrow cabinets is perfect for storing perishables and food items commonly stored in a refrigerator. Made from ABS resin plastic, this drawer is eco-friendly and highly durable.

Space is a premium in small apartment kitchens, and the refrigerator side for narrow cabinets helps maximize it. Store plates and other large items on the right side, where they will fit best while using the left side for refrigerated food storage. This unique design provides efficient use of valuable space, allowing you to prepare meals using less counter or cabinet space.

  1. Utility cart

When you’re lacking storage space in your apartment kitchen, consider using a moveable cart to keep those small items organized. This large utility cart has adjustable shelves but can be adjusted for customized storage.

You’ll find specially designed coaches that are suitable for the kitchen, but you can also look for utility carts or other moveable storage in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your home’s needs.

The utility cart organizer, a portable “go anywhere storage” center, is designed to help you store, organize, and transport small items. There is a large tray with non-skid rubber feet and has four built-in utility boxes with lids and one large lower storage compartment great for plastic grocery bags storing smaller utensils, cookware, and serving dishes😁.

  1. Shelves to drawers

To give your shelves the storage they deserve without taking up the valuable floor space, turn them into drawers. Roll out a lazy Susan to hold smaller coffee filters and foil items. The entire top of the cabinet filled with all kinds of stuff can be an eyesore 😉. Here’s a trick to hide all those items so they’re easier to find.

You can find creative, efficient ways to store things in your kitchen and pantry. Turn your cabinets and pantry shelves into practical storage drawers with some drawer pulls, several sturdy bins, and a drill.

  1. Pegboards

A pegboard is able to accommodate a wide range of pegboard hooks, so you’ll be able to create an organized system that works best for you. Best of all, from ziplock bags and measuring cups to your everyday knives and frying pans, tools are always within easy reach 😛.

Hanging a simple pegboard on your kitchen wall can add organization and function while helping to declutter the room. A pegboard is a useful store-everything organizer with many practical options, including hooks, baskets, and bins that hang from the board. The space is perfect for holding pots, pans, cutting boards, and other small items.

Are pegboards strong?

Metal pegboards are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. Because of how heavy these panels are, they’re strong enough to hold large tools.

  1. Storage containers

Using these storage options for small spaces is extremely easy and can make finding ingredients, food, and supplies easy.

Small kitchen organization systems can be intricate due to the limited available space. In smaller kitchens, storage containers can come in handy to help you store your things.

What should you not put in a storage container🤔?

You should never store combustible, hazardous, flammable, or toxic materials in a storage container. This includes gasoline, fertilizers, charcoal lighter, paints, fireworks, nail polish and nail polish remover, aerosols, bleach and matches.

  1. Inside of cabinets

Utilizing the inside of your cabinets can be an intelligent way to maximize space with shelves. Shelves in the kitchen cupboards can distinguish between wasted space and well-organized storage. You can store stand mixer attachments, baking sheets, small appliances, towels, and even small cups and mugs in your cabinets.

You will be able to utilize the inside of each cabinet using accessories, such as a hanging pot rack.

Who invented cabinets 🗄️?

It’s thought that early human civilizations used wooden cabinets to protect food products and firewood from rain and vermin. Archeologists have found evidence that Neanderthals used stone and bone to work wood over 300,000 years ago – which is probably how the first-ever cabinets were made!

  1. Window sills

Window sills are naturally occurring in almost every home or apartment kitchen. They offer an easy, accessible place to store supplies, such as oil, spices, bars of soap, utensils, and various other things like fruits and vegetables. You may utilize a high sill for button storage (cases) or items you do not use often. Store your seldom-used cups on a high sill rather than in cupboards. This will free up much-needed storage space and simplify the way your kitchen looks – making it appear more complete.

Small apartments often lack the luxury of a spacious kitchen, which can be problematic, especially if the interior décor is stylish and the resident loves to cook. With a bit of creativity and the right help, you can design an organized and visually appealing kitchen in a small space. This will increase your productivity while still maintaining your color scheme and keep your kitchen looking glamorous. Keep clutter away from your kitchen by incorporating these simple kitchen organizational ideas.

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